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Christian Savings has been providing loans to churches and Christian charities since 1962. We have a team of dedicated full time staff to assist churches and Christian charities across Aotearoa New Zealand with everything from small loan requests to multimillion dollar loans.

We offer a variety of financing options for churches and Christian charities. Our loans are tailored to suit the specific, individual needs of each Christian ministry. This includes churches and Christian charities that cannot provide a mortgage as security. In those circumstances, we can explore whether an equipment finance loan is a suitable alternative. This allows you to borrow money from us to fund items such as sound, lighting and musical equipment, chairs, computers and more.

For this type of loan, we take security over the equipment you purchase by registering a financing statement on the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR). As we take security over equipment that depreciates quicker than buildings, our maximum term for this type of loan is five years. It also means that we charge a higher interest rate, to reflect the higher risk of using the equipment as security.

How much can you borrow?

The maximum loan amount is $50,000 and the minimum loan amount is $3,000.

Why choose Christian Savings?

  • Our lending is not simply a transaction, it’s an act of partnership in growing the kingdom of God. We take the time to understand your needs and work to tailor our service to best achieve your goals and mission. Furthermore, we have over fifty years’ experience specialising Christian lending, which means we pride ourselves on understanding and supporting churches and Christian charities better than other lending institutions.
  • We offer some of the lowest equipment finance interest rates in the country
  • We are a Christian charity, so by partnering with us, you are helping us grow the Kingdom and to support other churches and Christian charities in the future.
  • We are an ethical lending option.
  • We charge a small application fee for this type of loan. This covers our time assessing the application, completing the documentation and registration of the security charge.
  • We offer terms up to 5 years in length

For more information, please contact Dan Mazengarb.