Christian Savings COVID-19 Response

Why invest with us?

Thank you for considering investing with Christian Savings. With Christian Savings, you can do three great things at once:

  • Invest your savings and earn interest rates benchmarked to rates offered by the four major banks in New Zealand
  • Empower us to make affordable loans to churches and charities. We need your help and support to be able to support these churches
  • Know you’re making an ethical investment, with New Zealand’s only charitable non-bank deposit taker.

Do more with your money

When you deposit your money with Christian Savings, we use your investment to make affordable loans to churches and charities throughout the country. Your savings account helps them serve God in their communities.

At the same time as your money is doing this good work, we pay you interest at rates benchmarked to the four major banks in New Zealand.

You even have the option of opening a charitable deposit account, where instead of paying you interest, we make an equivalent donation directly to your church or another charity.

Know where your money is going

We are an ethical investment institution. You can be assured your money isn’t going to industries you don’t want to support.

Christian Savings uses your money solely to make affordable loans to churches and Christian charities.

Know who we are

We are a licensed non-bank deposit taker with the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. We have an excellent track record of serving the church in New Zealand since 1962.

With fifty years of experience, we have specific expertise in working with churches and charities, and a real passion for freeing them from financial worries and getting the best out of their assets.

You can be sure your money is being used to build God’s kingdom in Aotearoa New Zealand.

It’s easy to open a call account or term deposit with us and become an investor. Just fill out an electronic application form and we will contact you shortly.