Notice of Amendment of Master Trust Deed - click here to download now.

Special Resolution Vote

If you had deposits with Christian Savings (as at 31st May 2019) on the 12th of June 2019 you will have been sent a notice of change of supervisor and a formal notice of a Special General Meeting (SGM) of depositors, which you are invited to attend. This meeting is for depositors only.

The meeting will vote on proposed changes to our Master Trust Deed (Trust Deed). The Trust Deed and supervisor are legally required and are there to protect your interests as depositors.

If you do not choose to or are unable to attend, details of how to vote by proxy or online have been sent to you via email/postal mail. Online voting must be completed by 2pm Wednesday 10 July 2019.

The following attachments have been sent, along with unique instructions on how to vote:

Since 2016 we have experienced strong growth. Our total loans to churches and other Christian charities recently passed $110 million. Churches are also increasingly investing in new mission initiatives, and we believe these changes will better enable Christian Savings, where appropriate, to financially support these opportunities.

The proposed changes to the Trust Deed have been considered by the board and senior management and we believe they will serve Christian Savings and its depositors well, now and into the future.

Full details of all the proposed changes to the Trust Deed are in the attached SGM notice.

We encourage you to vote.