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Aug 4, 2021

Supporting Connect Church’s refurbishment

Connect Church located on the Kapiti Coast, began with a handful of people in 1985. Since then they have grown to become an influential church. Pastor Adam and Anita White who are the Lead Pastors at Connect Church, also lead the New Life Movement which consists of some 80 churches around New Zealand.

Connect Church has a passion to ‘Connect people to Jesus and their purpose’ whether it’s running their before and after school care programme Connect Kids and other local events or managing their New Life national events that include their National Conference, Youth Storm Camps, Regional Leadership, and Worship Training days.

Some years ago, Connect Church was gifted 50 acres of land which has been developed over the years with many more projects planned on the horizon. Connect Church has always maintained a strong business relationship with their current bank of over 30 years, who have helped provide funding for a range of projects, but it wasn’t until another New Life church in the South Island spoke on a project Christian Savings was helping to fund, that they realised it was available for all denominations.

‘They were complimentary of the level of service and expertise that Christian Savings provided which was the catalyst for us to look outside of our traditional funding providers and to Christians Savings.’ says Mason Griffin, Business Manager at Connect Church.

Some short-term funding was needed to get them started on some subdivision developments, so the church approached Christian Saving to see what we could do. ‘Even though there were a number moving parts and parties involved in the process, they understood what we wanted to achieve, and it was a really good experience working with them on it.’ says Mason. ‘From there we have almost completed a major refurbishment of our facilities which Christian Savings has also assisted us with.’

‘We had several projects on the go and there were complexities to the loan structure that we required which Dan Mazengarb [Christian Savings Senior Lender] understood and was able to provide for us. Our experience with Christian Savings has been great and have made funding for our project stress free.’

One of the great things with working with Christian savings is that we get to support an organisation with a Kingdom focus that facilitates growing God’s Kingdom by financially assisting churches throughout New Zealand.’

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