Charity Profile: Tearfund NZ

Through our new charitable deposits, you can make your investment positively benefit a charity or church of your choice. We’re excited to announce that Tearfund has now partnered with us. As spokesperson John Watson says, ‘We’re like-minded organisations with very similar values. We saw synergy and began discussions!’

For forty years, Tearfund has partnered with local community organisations in 38 countries around the world to alleviate poverty and combat injustice. John explains, ‘we sponsor children, we restore, nourish and empower communities in need, and we protect the vulnerable from exploitation.’

The global need is enormous. ‘I recently visited the world’s biggest refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. More than 800,000 Rohingya refugees live in this makeshift camp, and it’s just unfathomable what they have endured and are having to endure right now. Aid agencies are doing all they can but unfortunately it’s about to get worse with the impending monsoon this May, expected to bring landslides, flooding and disease.’

Tearfund NZ CEO, Ian McInnes

Tearfund will also host The Justice Conference this November, ‘bringing together world-class speakers, artists and the community into a space where we can collectively consider some of the most prominent social and justice-oriented issues of our time.’

At the moment, Tearfund partners with around 30,000 Kiwis who are passionate about their work to relieve poverty amongst some of the world’s poorest communities and people. John says Tearfund supporters are ‘kind-hearted, justice-oriented people with a desire to make a positive difference in people’s lives.’

You can partner with Tearfund, too, and help to meet the needs of desperate Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, and many other people around the world, by opening a charitable deposit today, an ethical way to invest.

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