Child Rescue: Liberating and restoring the abused

Child Rescue New Zealand is a NZ-based charity which is part of the Destiny Rescue International organisation dedicated to fighting human trafficking across seven different nations. New Zealand supporters help to fund and equip rescue operations focused on bars and brothels and the restoration of victims through Christian aftercare programmes.

The organisation is a specialist interventionist and evidence-gathering agency which focuses on the removal of trafficked victims from harmful situations.

On May 9th 2019, Operation Trabaho saw the Philippines’ National Bureau of Investigation contact the Child Rescue team to assist in a major human trafficking bust. After 36 hours of hectic planning and strategic logistics,the group prevented the trafficking of 159 females.

“For the past five years, churches and partners across NZ have hosted speaking engagements with our representatives and advocates, as well as international speakers who have served on the front line,” say Brian Saipe, National Manager, Child Rescue New Zealand.

In 2019 Child Rescue exhibited at conferences such as LIFE and Thinking Matters, along with annual events in Auckland and Wellington celebrating with supporters, who have helped make freedom from trafficking possible for 1000+lives each year. “At each event, we inspire and empower audiences who are looking for practical ways to contribute to the global fight against human slavery.”

Christian Savings launched Charitable Term Deposits back in 2017. At this time, James Palmer, CEO, Christian Savings was also the Chairman of the Board for Child Rescue New Zealand. Once this new product was launched,it wasn’t long before Child Rescue became one of the first eligible charities that depositors could choose to support through a Charitable Term Deposit.“Child Rescue is a Christian organisation which shares Kingdom values with Christian Savings.”

With a Charitable Term Deposit with Christian Savings, your savings can support Child Rescue or one of the 18 eligible charities currently registered.

To sign up for a Charitable Term Deposit visit or call us on 0508 (SAVING) 728 464 for a physical application form.

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