Good Stewardship
Aug 4, 2021

Liberty Christian Fellowship Invercargill

Liberty Christian Fellowship was established in 2008 by the founding pastors Ernie and Lorraine Sinclair [now deceased] ‘From small beginnings we have grown over the years reaching out to the Filipino community and our numbers are almost 200,’ says Larrie Stevens, Lead Pastor.

The church’s mission statement is to be a church that demonstrates the reality of God’s love and power so that we can impact the people of Invercargill and the nations of the world.

‘We have seven home groups that meet each week, three in Invercargill and the rest in the wider Southland community. Many of our people are based on dairy farms and often cannot attend church on a Sunday so our home groups are an integral part of the church. In fact, the Winton home group is growing rapidly and it’s becoming a fellowship as well.’

The church first heard from Keith Harrington from Central Baptist Church in Invercargill who referred them to Christian Savings.

‘With the help of Christian Savings, we have purchased our church at 28 First Street, Kennington. Our deceased pastors left us a legacy which enabled us to look at purchasing this church with further financial help. We looked for this assistance from other sources but received no positive response until Christian Savings came to our rescue.

‘Because of the thorough processes involved in requiring this loan, we would have no problem in encouraging people to invest in Christian Savings. Christian Savings caught our vision to own our own building from the beginning, and with their support and help with every step enabled us to move forward with the vision.

‘We would have no problems recommending the Christian Savings to Christian organizations because of the honest and transparent way they have worked with us in fulfilling our vision. Every member of your organization was helpful and supportive and a pleasure to work with. Thank you!

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