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Aug 4, 2021

Majestic's New Christchurch Home

Christian Savings is excited to celebrate with Majestic as they open the doors of their new home.

Majestic is a church in the centre of Christchurch that opened their brand-new complex to the public in July 2020. After the church lost their former building in the Christchurch earthquakes, they began looking for a new place to call home.

‘As a church that feels called to the inner city, it was important to find and purchase a new site within the four avenues.’ says Pastor Leo Hanssen.

After looking into properties across the city, Majestic purchased an engineering site in the city. The site featured a number of buildings, some of which were demolished, and others repurposed to form the new complex.

‘For the past 25 years, as Majestic, we have had a focus on the creative arts which is reflected in how the complex looks and feels.

‘The purpose of the new complex is firstly for the community of Majestic but also as spaces for the city, open and available for seven days a week.’

The complex has a large sports / youth and children’s space,an auditorium that seats up to 500, a recording studio, a spacious beautiful foyer that flows out to a large outdoor deck, multiple areas for car parking and various other buildings that are leased which bring income for Majestic’s mission opportunities.

‘It has been nearly a ten-year journey to get here, and four years from the initial purchase of the property to the Civic Opening.’

In 2016, Majestic began looking for funding and Christian Savings was referred to them and then approached. ‘The positives of working with Christian Savings is that they understand churches needs and operations whereas other banks do not have the same buy-in. Dan Mazengarb, Christian Savings Senior Lender, grasped who we are as Majestic.’

Within the complex, Majestic hosts Swarm Studios, a dance studio which was established in 2012. Swarm Studios runs classes for nearly 200 students.

‘With our new facilities, we have been looking at partnering with inner city schools,’ says Leo, ‘One of the local schools is already using our spaces for basketball and drama.

‘Without any advertising, we have received multiple inquiries and bookings for the spaces. This fulfils our vision of it being a place of community for the city.

‘To understand the vision and mission of Majestic has been an integral part of our partnership with Christian Savings. Other banks understand the need to purchase property but may not have the ethos of a shared vision that we have with Christian Savings.

‘If you are looking to invest or borrow for your organisation, we absolutely recommend Christian Savings. They will do anything to try and help you which has been our experience.’

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