Partnering with The Wilberforce Foundation

We’re very excited to introduce Christian Savings newest shareholder, Wilberforce. The Wilberforce Foundation was set up in 2008 to support faith-based charities and organisations who are making a difference with communities and people in Aotearoa.

Along with their key focus of funding charities, the organisation also strives to use their resources and network to support them in other ways, talking with them about specific challenges and struggles. They also undertake some bespoke projects and have a strong interest in the governance of faith-based organisations.

“Christian Savings were instrumental in helping us purchase a property [the Lighthouse Hub] together with two other organisations,” says Carl Vink, General Manager of The Wilberforce Foundation, “both their creativity and professionalism stood out and became the beginnings of the relationship to look at working together.”

Shortly after Christian Savings also joined the Lighthouse Hub family as a tenant. Our similar visions saw the organisations partner together on a number of projects, which later saw Wilberforce coming on board as a shareholder.

“There were two things that were really important to us in considering becoming a shareholder; firstly, we’re really supportive of what Christian Savings is trying to do in Aotearoa, New Zealand. The Christian Savings approach is a good solution to the very  challenging problem of how churches and Christian organisations access lending. Secondly, we were very impressed with the team – you can have great vision and strategy but if you don’t have the team to back that up it doesn’t count for much.”

“What Christian Savings offer is vastly more than just money, its creativity, commercial thinking, helping to monitor challenging times and to support, and encourage what you’re trying to do. Christian Savings embody that, they don’t just want to set up organisations with good lending, they want them to do good things with their resources and encourage and support them in that process.”

Looking into the partnership in the coming years, Wilberforce would love to see more people getting involved in supporting Christian Savings. “For us we see this as a good blended investment, a good return on capital and a good return in kingdom outcomes. This is exactly the kind of opportunity more people should be thinking of, rather than thinking about two different goals, we can make an opportunity both for good and to enhance our resources.”

“The outcome of this investment that we are always keen to see is the church and other organisations thriving through their relationship with Christian Savings, receiving support to be the best they can be.”

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