Shareholder Profile: Elim Church of New Zealand

For over sixty years Elim churches – now 38 of them – have been homes for outward-facing Christians in Aotearoa, who want to be part of God’s work in their cities and communities.

Now Elim has joined Christian Savings as a shareholder, we can partner together to fund God’s work in New Zealand.

Like other churches, Elim has seen many of its churches find it difficult to obtain finance for its projects over the years. Christian Savings stands out as an organisation that understands churches, their income, and financial situations.

As Elim National Administrator Chris Bethwaite says, ‘Christian Savings is an organisation worth backing. They have a Kingdom mindset and heart to see churches and Christian charities not burdened by debt.’

With this new partnership, Elim churches gain access to favourable lending rates and terms for their churches, along with expertise and support on building projects. Elim’s shareholding has injected capital into Christian Savings as we strengthen our ability to serve the church and Christian community & our investors.

We are delighted to welcome Elim as a shareholder, and look forward to working with Elim churches. As Chris says, ‘Ultimately it is about churches being able to secure good facilities that enable them to reach, serve and influence their cities. To see churches that become a centre of hope in their communities that see people enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ and discover a hope and a future is very exciting.’

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