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Aug 4, 2021

Affordable housing for low-income people and households in New Zealand

Many people in New Zealand are in need of affordable,secure, stable and healthy homes. The Housing Foundation is a not-for profit charitable trust that assists people in making this a reality for low income households.

Through their various programmes, Housing Foundation provides options for getting New Zealanders into new homes and helping them manage their finances so that over time, they can become independent homeowners. Over 700 homes have been built to date, with another 300 to be built over the next few years.

“As an organisation, we are focused on developing communities and growing strong, safe neighbourhoods. We are committed not only to building houses, but also strong communities and futures,” says Paul Gilberd, GM, Strategy & Development.

The Housing Foundation offers an ‘Affordable Equity’ programme (which offers shared home ownership of the house between you and The Housing Foundation) along with an ‘Affordable Rental’ programme than can be tailored to meet a family’s needs and circumstances.

“Affordable housing is central to Kiwi society and remains stitched into the social aspirations of our culture. Without the solid foundation of a home, low-income New Zealanders are forever in survival mode and less able to make a wider contribution to their communities,” explains Dr Tony Lanigan, Chairman, New Zealand Housing Foundation.

“No two days are the same at the Housing Foundation,” says Paul. “I first encountered James Palmer and Christian Savings through church connections, and it very quickly became apparent that we had strong and deep alignment in terms of our respective missions and our values.”

“There are those people and organisations that see something is wrong and do something, and there are those who do nothing. In Christian Savings, I see an organisation that does the financial equivalent of exactly what we do in the housing space; working tirelessly to innovate and remove margin at every point in the value chain, so that we can fight poverty and assist low income households and those most in need. I look forward to many years of fruitful stewardship of our respective resources, as we offer our services to the communities of Aotearoa New Zealand.”

If you have savings, you can support both Christian Savings and the Housing Foundation in their mission to relieve poverty, by providing or assisting the provision of affordable housing for low-income households in New Zealand.

With a Charitable Deposit, you can choose to have your investment support the Housing Foundation. This is similar to a term deposit,except your investment earns a donation to support the work of the Housing Foundation.

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