Vineyard Churches of Aotearoa New Zealand

"We became a shareholder because we understand the value of a long term relationship with a lender that understands how churches work,” says Tony Walter, Grace Vineyard Church. “The way churches rely on tithes and donations for income presents an unusual situation for the trading banks to deal with in terms of their lending criteria.”

Vineyard Churches of Aotearoa New Zealand became a Christian Savings shareholder in December 2018.

The first church in the movement was planted in 1989. Today there are 28 churches nationwide.

When we looked for a lending partner in 2013 to finance our future Campus, Christian Savings was one of the options we considered. We were so impressed by their understanding of the unique challenges faced by churches, their willingness to provide advice and expertise and their flexibility around structuring the debt and repayment, we have worked with them on every project since then. By becoming shareholders we’ve made it possible for other Vineyard churches around NZ to take advantage of the relationship we’ve built.

“There are obviously many options people have in terms of where to invest but very few have a direct, positive impact on extending the Kingdom."

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