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Bold Governance
for an Age of Change

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In complex times like these, Gospel-inspired governance is needed more than ever. And yet, we hear stories every day of churches and Christian charities struggling in this area. Kicking off in August, our Governance Conference for 2024 run across Christchurch, Auckland, and Wellington. Learn from our wonderful speakers and be equipped with practical governance skills, inspired by the Gospel, and informed about how to overcome challenges that lie ahead.

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Steven Moe
Partner - Parry Field Lawyers
Roshan Allpress
National Principal & CEO - Laidlaw College
Kris Morrison
Partnership Chair - Parry Field Lawyers
Kirsten Patterson
Chief Executive of the Institute of Directors
Judith Bullin
Partner - Parry Field Lawyers
James Stewart
Director - Gemelli Consulting
Danielle Diprose
CA - Innovant Accounting Solutions
Chris Clarke
CEO - Wilberforce Foundation
Chris Bethwaite
National Administrator - Elim Church of NZ
Scottie Reeve
National Director - Catch Network and Anglican Minister
Hosted by:
Dan Mazengarb
CEO - Christian Savings Limited

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28th Aug

Hosted at Oxford Terrace Baptist Church
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4th Sep

Hosted at Curate Church
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11th Sep

Hosted at ARISE Church
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I found myself feeling empowered to lead courageously, and seek to leverage the resources we have for furthering the kingdom. I appreciated the generous sharing of knowledge, experience and resourcing

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Sessions to attend

Session 1

Governing in Context: What does the Church look like right now?

By Scottie Reeve & James Stewart

Governance always takes place in context. To govern well requires us to understand what sector trends, changes and challenges are facing our organisation. Scotty will offer his perspective on the unique season the Church finds itself in. Scotty will be joined by James Stewart who will introduce the “State of the Church” report that offers us a data-driven lens for the Christian charitable sector.

Session 2

What is Good Governance?

By Kirsten Patterson

This session will give you the core pillars of what good governance looks like and the responsibilities you take on when accepting a role as an elder, trustee, director or officer. KP will deliver an easy to understand introduction to governance for those new to the role, but serve up a challenge to ‘old hands’ to keep engaged with changing expectations in today’s environment.

Session 3

Lessons in Governance from the Royal Commission Report

By Kris Morrison & Judith Bullin

The Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care is sure to land heavily for churches, schools and other charitable institutions involved in care for vulnerable people. We will be hearing from leading experts who will walk us through the lessons for those in governance and what the Report can teach us.

Session 4

How Do You Measure Your Mission?

By Danielle Diprose & Chris Clarke

A core responsibility for those in governance is to keep its organisation accountable to its mission. But how do you monitor this, and how do you measure success? Hear from someone who has devoted her Master’s thesis to this very question. Be sure to be challenged and informed about the questions you are asking at the board table.

Session 5

To be confirmed

To be confirmed


Session 6

Succession Planning: Governing with a long-term horizon

By Dr Roshan Allpress

Churches and charities are increasingly becoming concerned about where the leaders of tomorrow will come from. With declining rates of voluntarism and increasing financial pressure on charities, those in governance must act strategically to avoid a leadership crisis. Dr Roshan Allpress will walk us through the general state of leadership development in New Zealand and what those in governance must do to set their organisation up for the long term.

Session 7

Realising Assets for Mission – Green Shoots and Creative Ideas: A look at exciting projects around the country that represent a bold and faithful stewardship of assets.

By Steven Moe & Chris Clarke

The assets of the Church continue to appreciate in value at a rate faster than congregation growth. In some parts of our ecumenical landscape, huge assets are surplus to Sunday requirements and therein lies a significant opportunity for Gospel-inspired stewardship. How should we be stewarding assets and what questions should we be asking about property at our board tables? We take a look at some green shoots popping up across the country.

Evening Session

Master Class

By Dan Mazengarb and Chris Bethwaite

Experience an engaging and dynamic evening as we delve into the world of governance through a captivating mock board meeting. Explore the intricacies of effective and ineffective governance firsthand, drawing from the day's themes. Whether you're a newcomer to governance or a seasoned professional, this interactive session promises to sharpen your skills and provide invaluable practical insights for building stronger organisations in the Christian sector.

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