Charitable Term Deposits

Invest your savings to support your chosen organisation

Financially support your chosen charities and churches around the country, without having to donate any of your own money. Decide the term you’d like to invest for, from 1 to 5 years, and the interest earned on the deposit is donated to your nominated charity.

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To open an account for an entity, such as a family trust, church or company, please contact us.


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For Good Stewards

With investment terms ranging from 1 month to 5 years, you can choose the term that suits you best. Open one or multiple accounts and watch your money grow while also building the Kingdom of God in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

18 month Charitable Deposit
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12 month Charitable Deposit
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Growing healthy churches and charities

Growing Investments, Growing Churches

Christian Savings has been supporting churches with affordable loans for over 60 years. The funds we hold enable us to provide loans to churches and Christian charities, small and large.
How it works
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Become an investor with Christian Savings and watch your money grow through on-call, term, charitable or funeral deposit options.


Your investment helps Christian Savings to provide ethical and meaningful loans to churches and Christian charities.


Feel good about keeping profits in New Zealand, where your savings are supporting Christian organisations growing God’s Kingdom.


Grow your money and take charge of your future. Your deposits will earn interest at a competitive rate, benchmarked to New Zealand’s largest banks.

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How it works

Charitable Term Deposits

Make a real difference each year to some of your favourite charities and churches around the country, without donating any of your own money. Charitable Term Deposits work just like a normal term deposit, except we donate an amount equal to the interest which you would have earned on a term deposit annually of the same term to an eligible charity nominated by you.
Choose your investment term

You decide the term you’d like your funds invested for, from 1 to 5 years. A donation is made quarterly by Christian Savings to a charity of your choice.

Choose your charity or church

You choose the charity or church you’d like to support. Let us know if there’s a charity not already on our list that you’d like to support; we’re always working to expand.

Choose how to reinvest

At the end of your chosen term, a donation is made by Christian Savings to your nominated church or charity. When the deposit comes up to maturity, you can invest more, change the term, or withdraw some or all of your investment.

Choose your Charity or Church

Eligible Charitable Organisations

Choose the charity or church you’d like to support. If you’d like to support a charity that’s not already on our list, please contact us. We’re always working to expand our list of eligible charities.

“I would highly recommend Christian Savings because of their excellent customer service, attractive interest rates and the funds are being used for good causes.”
Julia Lopes-Pereira

Keeping your best interests at heart

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Call & Term Deposits
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% p.a. |
12 months

Make your savings work for you. Earn a fixed rate of interest over a period of time with a term deposit, or choose a call account if you need the flexibility of adding or withdrawing from your account at any time.

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Funeral Deposits
Current rate:
% p.a.

An investment account specifically to provide for your funeral expenses. A flexible funeral option where you can contribute as often or seldom as you like, while earning interest at our 9-month term deposit rate.

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Build healthy churches with us.


church and charity projects financed in Aotearoa, New Zealand


partners and investors, including individuals, families, churches and organisations


years of experience, partnering with churches since 1962
For Good Stewards

How to invest.

Invest using Christian Savings and help build healthy churches. Find out what option is best for your investment, or open an account now.