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Aug 4, 2021

IT Fund: Isolated Together Fund

The Isolated Together Fund, is a new initiative from Christian Savings to support the church during COVID-19 Level 4. Technology is an excellent tool for staying in touch with our family, friends and church community, but not everyone has access to new technology.

After receiving nominations from a range of deserving people across the country, Christian Savings donated 20 Samsung tablets to individuals to keep them connected, along with a few more from support from generous donations.

It was a joy to be able to help people stay connected during this time from isolated church members to children and teenagers needing a device for online schooling, single parent families, university students and individuals going through cancer treatment.

Stormy, Lachie, Arya and Moni. (Lachie especially has enjoyed access to the tablet).

With three young children in our home requiring access to a device for school work it’s been an amazing life saver! A big thank you to you for your generosity. – Lynn

Thank you, although we are still getting used to using it,the tablet has been a blessing to us, learning the ins and outs of what one can do, also challenging to learn new things.  So once again a huge thank you for the opportunity that you have given us – Susan

I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to the Christian Savings team for providing and supporting my family with this device, it's been very helpful especially during this time of difficulty. There are able to do their work online and communicate with teachers. May the Lord bless and be gracious to you all, much love from the Arona Tupai family.

We take this golden opportunity to say thank you to the Christian Savings for the tablet that you provided for our kids for their studies. We pray may the Lord bless you all. Thank you - Lautua family

We are so grateful for receiving the tablet from Christian Savings. It has been really handy for the kids doing their schoolwork and for using as a reward when they have done their chores. It would have been a lot harder to get through the lockdown period without the use of this tablet. Thank you so much – Karena

Thank you, Christian Savings, for providing a tablet for my kids to use during the lockdown. May our Lord continue to bless each and everyone in your team. Love Selesitina and family

I am very grateful for the blessing to be able to have a tablet in this time of the Covid19 it has really come at the right time. It’s helped me to be in contact with family and my family of God on Online Zoom and Connection with people in mentoring, fellowship, Hangouts, workshops, leadership training, prayer time,even consistent catch up and mentoring with my pastor. Online church service with my church The Render Gathering on Sunday morning with quality sound and picture to enjoy. Thank you, Christian Savings, for giving me this opportunity. I really appreciate it. God bless – May

Kelly has faced a long hard road with cancer, wearing a neck brace for over 1 year and now Lockdown, so he was really touched by the generosity of Christian Savings sending him a new Galaxy Tablet to help him communicate with his friends and church. “Now I can join in on the zoom meetings and feel connected again”.

Thanks so much for your care for people like Kelly who have been isolated - Mark

Kia kaha New Zealand, from the Christian Savings team.

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