Stewardship of People by Jenny Collings

Between August 30 and 13 September 2023, Christian Savings held a national governance conference “Building the Church for Today and Tomorrow – What is Fruitful Stewardship?”. Our conference was designed to help trustees, elders and officers better understand their governance duties. We took a closer look at some of the key stewardship issues our churches and charities are facing in this climate.

This is a recording from the day session we held inChristchurch.

People are one of our most important parts of operating a church or charity. Working with employees or volunteers carries significant duties with respect to health and safety, employment and mental health. How should a governance board ensure that the people of their organisation are being treated in the right way?

About Jenny Collings

National Director of Christian Medical Fellowship of NZ

Jenny works to encourage doctors and medical students in living wholeheartedly for Christ through medicine. She has also served for 15 years as a Salvation Army Corps Officer (ordained Minister) and local director of social services. As a Law graduate and final year Executive MBA student, she is passionate about good governance and Christ-centred strategic decision-making to lift the impact of Christian organisations.

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Any opinions expressed in this session does not necessarily reflect those of Christian Savings Limited.

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