Charity Profile: Mercy Ships NZ

“Around the world, more people – 17 million a year – die every year from a lack of access to essential surgery than from tuberculosis, HIV and malaria put together.”  The Mercy Ships mission is to combat those horrific numbers.        

Crewed by volunteer professionals from all over the world – including about 40 a year from Aotearoa – their fully-equipped hospital ship sails to ports in Africa where surgical services are lacking, and fills the need. The 16,000 tonne Africa Mercy is outfitted with five operating theatres, five wards and auxiliary services, like pharmacy, radiology and physiotherapy. As well as treating patients, Mercy Ships staff train local health workers.

Christian Savings is delighted to now be part of the Mercy Ships story. Mercy Ships New Zealand is currently fundraising for a special project, so has opened an investment account for the funds it brings in, allowing the savings raised to help Christian Savings and Mercy Ships.

You can do something similar! If you have money to invest, have you considered opening a charitable deposit account? You can nominate Mercy Ships to receive a donation instead of receiving interest on your deposit. At the end of the term, you get your deposit back, and Mercy Ships has more money to provide cleft palate surgery, treat burns, or perhaps remove a tumour from one of God’s children.

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