Governing for a Healthy Financial Future by Danielle Diprose

In November 2022, Christian Savings held a national conference “Building the Church for Today and Tomorrow” where the topics from seven speakers focused on how governance of churches and charities can be promoted and practiced well.  

This is a recording from one of the seven sessions we held.

Effective mission is backed by effective stewardship. How do we support our people to ensure our mission is sustainably focused on the right thing and heading in the right direction? For governance to be fruitful for the gospel and the long-term health of the church, it must see how mission and strategy guide financial stewardship in everyday decisions.

About Danielle Diprose

Danielle Diprose is a Chartered Accountant with a mission to provide innovative advisory and compliance services to the faith-based, for-purpose sector. Giving them the support to allow them to succeed in fulfilling their mission, her clients include churches, camps, philanthropic trusts, and for-purpose ministries here in Aotearoa.

She has over 20 years of experience supporting our sector in both voluntary and employed roles, with a recent season as the National Administrator for Christian Community Churches of New Zealand (CCCNZ).  In this role, she was involved in the early stages of the start-up organisation operationally, as well as implementing support and systems to assist churches, camps, and ministries in the church movement.

Danielle also has a keen interest in governance, specifically increasing financial literacy for all around the board table for better decision-making.  She is a board member of Pathways College of Bible and Mission and Arrow Leadership New Zealand, as well as previous church and for-purpose board roles.

Danielle holds a Business degree, is a Chartered Accountant, and has a Graduate Certificate in Christian Studies from Fuller.  She is currently completing a Master of Faith-Based Leadership and Management at Otago with a research focus on looking at a theological response to abundance in faith-based, for-purpose organisations in Aotearoa.

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