Governing with Integrity in Light of the Treaty by Aaron Hardy

In November 2022, Christian Savings held a national conference “Building the Church for Today and Tomorrow” where the topics from seven speakers focused on how governance of churches and charities can be promoted and practiced well.  

This is a recording from one of the seven sessions we held.

What do land, history, and Te Tiriti o Waitangi have to do with governance here in Aotearoa? Are these ideas central to understanding the outworked gospel or a mere distraction? This session will unpack the opportunity that lives on the other side of our tables of governance when we choose to operate with cultural, land-centric, covenantal, and, therefore, biblical integrity. This is an invitation to a conversation around reimagining governance through a past-to-present filter and, therefore, all the opportunities and responsibilities that live on the other side.

About Aaron Hardy

Aaron grew up in Papaioea (Palmerston North) and to the kaitiaki of Papaioea, Ngāti Rangitane, Ngāti Kauwhata and Ngāti Raukawa he is most grateful. Aaron leads a church in Kirikiriroa (Hamilton) with his wife Te Ata (Ngati Māhanga) and their three children.

Aaron is a pākehā who is deeply passionate about the honest telling of history in Aotearoa. He has been committed to a land-centric faith journey that seeks to partner with God’s pre-existing, pre-colonial story. He believes that when the spirit of reconciliation is a posture, it points us towards much injustice in Aotearoa and beckons us towards healing, humility, history, and listening. Te Rautini has engaged in some of that storytelling through music. This is embodied in their last two albums, ‘Kia Kaha’ and ‘Haeata' of which Aaron was involved. He loves Ihu Karaiti with all of his heart. He loves the church. He loves the land and believes deeply in the long story of God’s redemptive purposes.

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Any opinions expressed in this session does not necessarily reflect those of Christian Savings Limited.

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